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About us

Welcome to Aorangi Forensic Supplies Limited – manufacturer and distributor of forensic equipment and supplies.

Aorangi Forensic Supplies is owned and operated by Warwick Bolton. An industrial chemist with 25 years experience in the paint industry, Warwick purchased the forensic distribution business of Aorangi Associates in April 2002.

Aorangi Associates began supplying the New Zealand Police with forensic items in the early nineties and grew to be the major supplier by 1999. Late in 2000 Warwick submitted a sample of white fingerprint powder to police for evaluation and began supplying Aorangi Associates BE01A early 2001; this became the standard white fingerprint powder for the NZ Police. Subsequently silver and black powders were trialled and accepted and purchase of the distribution side of Aorangi Associates followed.

Aorangi Forensic Supplies is based in Wellington and strives to supply a high standard of service and product. As a local manufacturer Warwick endeavours to support other New Zealand manufacturers wherever possible.