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High Risk Gloves

GLoves Nitrile HDsml

Heavy Duty Nitrile gloves

Hand Plus Nitrile

Handplus Blue Nitrile Gloves
XXL now available

ItemLMGI CodeOrder No.Price
Gloves, High Risk, Latex (100/box)GLHR S/M/L/XL/XXL$15.00
Gloves, Heavy Duty Nitrile Rubber, Size 8 (10)GNHD-8 (M)$55.00
Gloves, Heavy Duty Nitrile Rubber, Size 9 (10)GNHD-9 (L)$55.00
Gloves, Heavy Duty, Nitrile Rubber, Size 10 (10)GNHD-10 (XL) $55.00
Low allergy examination glove (powder-free) (100)GLCHT S/M/L/XL$12.50
Low allergy examination glove (powder-free) (10+ boxes)GLCHT S/M/L/XL$12.00
Nitrile Examination Gloves Long Cuff (powder-free) (100)PL9000998GNLC S/M/L/XL/2XL$12.80
Black Armour Gloves sml

Black Armour Nitrile gloves

Cotton gloves

White Cotton Gloves

Riggers Gloves

Riggers Gloves

ItemOrder No.Price
Cotton Gloves (white) 12 pair R7CL$24.00
Black Armour Nitrile Gloves (box of 100)GNBA/M/L/XL/2XL$23.00
Black Armour Nitrile Gloves (10 x 100) each$21.00
Leather Riggers Gloves (each)G3/M/L/XL$12.00

Dust masks


3M 8210


3M 8822


3M 9322


Moldex M2200


Moldex M2300


Moldex Airwave Mask
The increased surface area eliminates the need for an Exhalation Valve


Duckbill Mask


 Surgical Mask

ItemOrder No.Price
 3M Disposable P2 Class Mask (20/box)8210$56.00
 3M Disposable P2 Class Mask (10/box)8822$75.00
 3M Disposable P2 Class Mask Fold flat with Exhalation valve (10/box)9322$73.00
3M Full Face Respirator (Med)6800$340.00
3M Full Face Respirator (Lge)6900$340.00
Moldex Airwave Mask P2/N95 (10)407820$100.00
Moldex P2 Class Mask (20/box)M2200$67.00
Disposable P2 Class Mask with Exhalation Valve (10/box)M2300$79.00
P2 Class Mask with Ventex Exhalation Valve (10/box)M2700$95.00
P2 Class Mask with Ventex Exhalation Valve plus Organic Vapour and Ozone Protection (10/box)M2800$115.00
Duck Bill Mask (Without Exhalation valve 20 pack)N95-DB$14.50
Duck Bill Mask (With Exhalation Valve, 12 pack)N95-DBV$28.00
Surgical Mask ( Elastic ear loops, 50 pack)SURMSK$8.00



Crime Scene Coveralls


SMS Coveralls

Microgard SMS coveralls

Proven to filter 100% of particles >3 microns.
SMS material is air and water vapour permeable (“breathable”) to help reduce the risk of heat stress.
Optimised body fit improves wearer comfort and safety.
Applications include handling powders, general maintenance
Product details:
Protection type: Dry particulate protection (Type 5), Reduce spray suits (Type 6)
Seam technology: Stitched seams
Hood type: 3 piece hood
Size: S, M, Lg, XL, 2XL

ItemOrder No.Price
Personal Protective Crime Scene CoverallCSC S/M/L/XL/XXL/3XL$12.00
Personal Protective Crime Scene Coverall (each/10pr)CSC S/M/L/XL/XXL$11.50
SMS Breathable Coveralls (Each) BlueCSCSMS M/L/XL/2XL$5.75
3M Coveralls 4565 each3M4565 L/XL/2XL/3XL$15.00
3M Coveralls 4565 20/box3M4565 L/XL/2XL/3XL$270.00

Overboots, shoe covers and hair nets


Automatic shoe cover dispenser
>>see details


Personal protective crime scene overboots


Low Cost Shoe cover with non slip coating


Lightning Shoe cover with Vinyl sole


Heavy Duty Overboots


Hair Cover White/Blue

Blue shoe covers

Non Slip Shoe covers (Blue)

ItemOrder No.Price
Personal Protective Crime Scene Overboots (10pr)CSO/10$35.00
Heavy Duty Over boots with Vinyl sole (pair)CSOHD$10.50
Lightning Shoe Covers, Large (pair)3-5430$8.75
Microgard Shoe Covers (non-slip, non-vinyl sole) (10pr)MSC L$33.00
Microgard Covers (non-slip, non-vinyl sole) (10pr)MSC XL$33.00
Shoe covers (Blue) Non Slip M/L (Pack of 100)SHOEB/L$15.00
Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser (With 100 shoe covers)SCD$50.00
Shoe Cover Dispenser Shoe Covers (100pr)SCDC $10.00
Hair Covers White/Blue (100/pack)HCW/HCB$7.00
Beard Cover (100/pack)BC001 $6.50
Transport Hood  (NZ Police/Lockheed Martin only)PL0200117 8320-0-2 

Cleaning and disinfecting




Checkmate spray


Zoonocide surface antimicrobial treatment
>>see details


Virkon Tablets 50 x 5g


>>see details

Drape Sheet 508803


Item Order No.Price
Mediwipes (160/box)Mediwipe$20.00
Checkmate Spray, 400mlCMS$25.00
Zoono Areosol 375mlZOA375POA
Virkon Surface Disinfectant Tablets (50 x 5g)
Each tablet makes 500ml
Cheese Cloth/Stocking Net (Roll)STKNET$55.00
Spill Sheet 200cm x 70cm (20 pack) Non Sterile06003XL$32.00
Drape Sheet 100 x 150cm (Sterile) each508803$8.00
Odor Screen (10/pack)OS/10$9.00
Odor Screen (100/pack)OS/100$85.00

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