Photographic items

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2cm Write on Scale


Adhesive Evidence Marker, black/white arrow
(50mm, 10mm Scale)


Adhesive Arrows
Black & Day-glow Orange


Adhesive Marker Arrow, black on white & white on Black


Mini Road Cones, Day Glow Orange, Green, Yellow, White


Numbered Versa Cones
(Currently stocked only in yellow, blue, red, green and white available on request)


Versa Cones & Plain Marker Flags

Evidence flag

Evidence Flags

ItemLMGI CodeOrder No.Price
Adhesive Evidence Marker. Black/White Arrow 50mm, 10mm Scale (100/roll)301745FNG-121$16.00
Adhesive Evidence Marker, Black Arrow, 10mm (1,000/roll)300612FNG-122$28.00
Adhesive Evidence Marker, "Dayglo" Orange Arrow, 10mm (1,000/roll) FNG-123$28.00
Adhesive Marker Arrow, Black on White, 25mm (100/roll) FNG-124$18.00
Adhesive Marker Arrow, White on Black, 25mm (100/roll) FNG-125$18.00
Mini Road Cones, Day Glow Orange (per 10) RS1131$60.00
Mini Road Cones, Yellow (per 10) RS1131Y$60.00
Mini road Cones, Green (per 10) RS1131G$60.00
Mini Road Cones, White (per 10) RS1131W$60.00
Versa-Cones, Yellow (per 20) VCK-YL$240.00
Versa-Cones, Blue (per 20) VCK-BL$240.00
Versa-Cones, Green (per 20) VCK-GR$240.00
Versa-Cones, Red (per 20) VCK-RD$240.00
Yellow Numbered Versa-Cones, 1-20 (per 20)VCN-0120$290.00
Yellow Numbered Versa-Cones, 21-40 (per 20)VCN-2140$290.00
Yellow Numbered Versa-Cones, 41-60 (per 20)VCN-4160$290.00
Yellow Numbered Versa-Cones, 61-80 (per 20)VCN-6180$290.00
Yellow Numbered Versa-Cones, 81-100 (per 20) VCN-8100$290.00
Blue Numbered Versacones 1-20 (per 20) VCN-0120B$290.00
Blue Numbered Versacones 21 - 40 (per 20) VCN-21-40B$290.00
Red Numbered Versacones 1-20 (per 20) VCN-0120R$290.00
Red Numbered Versacones 21 - 40 (per 20) VCN-21-40R$290.00
Versacone Bag (to fit 20 Versacones) VCN-BAG$65.00
Blue Alphabetic Versacones A - Z  (26) VCN-AZB$213.00
PortaCone (Collapsible Road Cones) 450mm Height RTL450$90.00
PortaCone (Collapsible Road Cones) 500mm Height RTL500$104.00
Evidence Flags, Yellow (25/pack) 3-5031/25$22.00
Evidence Flags, Yellow (50/pack) 3-5031/50$36.00
Evidence Flags, Yellow (100/pack) 3-5031/100$64.00
Plain Marker Flags, Yellow (25/pack) MF-YL$18.00
Plain Marker Flags, Yellow (50/pack) MF-YL$32.00
Plain Marker Flags, Yellow (100/pack) MF-YL$58.00
Plain Marker Flags, Blue (25/pack) MF-BL$18.00
Plain Marker Flags, Blue (50/pack) MF-BL$32.00
Plain Marker Flags, Blue (100/pack) MF-BL$58.00
Plain Marker Flags, Red (25/pack) MF-RD$18.00
Plain Marker Flags, Red (50/pack) MF-RD$32.00
Plain Marker Flags, Red (100/pack) MF-RD$58.00
First Response Markers

First Response Markers

FS_CHLK-1_Reflective Chalk

Reflective Chalk



ItemLMGI CodeOrder No.Price
Submersible Evi Lites Red (10pk)EL-RD-10$43.00
First Response Scene marker Arrows Orange (20) FRM-1$65.00
First Response Scene marker Arrows Yellow (20) FRM-2$65.00
Reflective Chalk (3 pack)CHLK-1$95.00

Numbers and letters


Large Adhesive Numbers


Identification Numbers (with cut out)

6-8016 sml

Adhesive Evidence Arrows

ID Tent A-Z Yellow


Field Numbers, 1-15

Photo Identifier Cards


Scene Numbers

ID DisTent white
ID DisTent

Disposable ID tent

ItemLMGI CodeOrder No.Price
Large Adhesive Numbers, 1-10 (240/book)6-8010$58.00
Small Adhesive Numbers, 1-10 (240/book)6-8015$40.00
Adhesive Arrow booklet6-8016$40.00
Photo Evidence Field Direction Arrows (UP)6-8030$47.00
Photo Evidence Field Direction Arrows (DOWN)6-8031$47.00
Photo Evidence Field Direction Arrows (LEFT/RIGHT)6-8032$47.00
Photo Evidence Field Direction Arrows (NORTH)6-8034$47.00
Photo Evidence Field Numbers 1-206-8020$240.00
Photo Evidence Field Numbers 21-406-8021$240.00
Photo Evidence Field Letters, A-Z6-8026$200.00
Photo Evidence Scene Numbers, 1-20IDT-0120Y$185.00
Photo Evidence Scene Numbers, 21-40IDT-2140Y$185.00
Photo Evidence Scene Numbers, 1-20 with cut out yellowIDTC-0120Y$190.00
Photo Evidence Scene Numbers, 21-40 with cut out yellowIDTC-2140Y$190.00
ID Tent A-Z Standard YellowIDT-A26Y$166.00
ID Tent with cut out A-Z YellowIDTC-A26Y$166.00
Photo Evidence Scene Numbers, Blank (5/set)IDT-Blank$40.00
Disposable ID Tents (100)ID-Distent$140.00
Yellow/White Disposable Cut Out ID Tents (100)IDTC-Distent$140.00
Photo Identifier Cards, small (25/pad)6-3871$28.60
Photo Identifier Cards, large (25/pad)6-3870$70.00
Photo Identification File Folder (each)4F$20.00



Prisoner Measuring Strip

MR6B3 sml

Ribbon Rod 3, 5, 10m

Ribbon Rod 50M2

Ribbon Rod 50m (R6A50)


Mini Rod ML 1
(2m 5mm graduations)


Mini Rod ML 2
(2m 1mm graduations)

Both the ML-1 and ML-2 can be completely removed from their case to stand up independently.

ML-1, ML-2 Extd
Item  LMGI CodeOrder No.Price
Prisoner Measuring Strip  (Self adhesive vinyl, 2.5m@ 1cm graduations MSP$30.00
Scale: Yamayo Ribbon Rod, 60mm wide, 3m 300542MR6B3$44.00
Scale: Yamayo Ribbon Rod, 60mm wide, 5m MR6B5$63.00
Scale: Yamayo Ribbon Rod, 60mm wide, 10m MR6B10$90.00
Scale: Yamayo Ribbon Rod 60mm, 50m in carrier R6A50$450.00
Scale: Mini Rod, 2m 5mm Graduations ML-1$36.00
Scale: Mini Rod, 2m 1mm GraduationsML-2$36.00

Scale ABFO No2

Adhesive Photographic Scale ABFO 4cm x 4cm


Bureau Scale
Front & Rear view

AFS 6-3836

Scale: Evidence, Metric, 30cm (3pk)


Folding Evidence Scale Metric

FNG-110 sml

FNG-106, FNG-110

ItemLMGI CodeOrder No,Price
Scale: ABFO® 6-3875$12.00
Scale: Adhesive ABFO® 4cm x 4cm (100/roll) AFS-ABFO$22.00
Scale: Bureau® (set of two)3008156-3880$31.00
Scale: Folding Evidence, Metric, 3 x 30cm6-3835$56.00
Sirchie Scale: Reversible 300 x 150mmPPS600$33.50
Sirchie Scale: Folding Evidence, Metric, 3 x 30cmEFR300$46.00
Adhesive Photographic Scale, Grey, 150mm (100/roll)FNG-106$25.00
Adhesive Photographic Scale, White, 150mm (100/roll)FNG-110$34.10
Scale: Evidence, Metric, 30cm (pack of 3)300613AFS 6-3836$41.35

Metal Folding Scale Metric


Metal Scales
PPSM301 50mm, PPSM300 100mm, PPSM403 150mm


Rt Angle Metal Photo Scale

ItemLMGI CodeCodePrice
Sirchie Folding Metal Scale MetricEFR400M$42.00
Sirchie Metal Scale 150mmPPSM403$27.15
Sirchie Metal Scale 100mmPPSM300$21.00
Sirchie Metal Scale 50mmPPSM301$16.00
Sirchie Right Angle Metal ScalePPS800MM$43.40

Grey & White Scales

6-3847 2

Fluorescent Scale 50mm


Coloured Scales 150mm


Fluorescent Scales

ItemLMGI CodeCodePrice
Scale, Adhesive, Gray, 5cm (50/pack)3009126-3849$19.50
Scale, Adhesive, White, 5cm (50/pack) 6-3850$19.50
Scale, Fluorescent, Adhesive, 50mm (50/pack) 6-3847$20.00
Sirchie Scale, Photomacrographic, 5cm (10/pack) PPS301Ask
Scale, Photomacrographic, 10cm (10/pack) 6-3823$22.00
Lynn Peavey Scale Ruler, White, 6"/150mm (10/pack)05145$28.00
Scale: Ruler, White, 6"/150mm (10/pack) 6-3810$28.00
Scale, Ruler, Gray, 6"/150mm (10/pack) 6-3811$28.00
Scale, Ruler, Blue, 6"/150mm (10/pack) 6-3812$28.00
Lynn Peavey Scale, Ruler, Black 6"/150mm (10/pack)05146$28.00
Scale, Ruler, Transparent, 6"/150mm (10/pack) 6-3814$28.00
Assorted Colour Scales 6"/150mm (10/pack) 6-3815$35.00
Scale, Yellow, 6"-150mm (10/pack)6-3817$28.00
Lynn Peavey Fluorescent Scale Orange/White 6"/150mm (10/pack) 05095$27.00
Lynn Peavey Fluorescent Scale Green 6"/150mm (10/pack) 05105$27.00
Lynn Peavey Fluorescent Scale Orange 6"/150mm (10/pack) 05131$27.00

This adhesive photo evidence scale measures millimeters on one edge and inches on the other


20mm Scale, Roll of 150

AM-20mm adhesive-photo-scale

AM-20mm Photo Scale
Roll of 250


FNG-120,  20mm scale

ItemLMGI CodeOrder No.Price
Continuous 12in Photo Scale6-3855$30.00
Scale Adhesive Black/White 20mm Write on (100/roll)FNG-120$21.00
Scale White 20mm Non Adhesive roll (150/roll)6-3820$30.00
Scale Black/White 20mm Adhesive (250/roll)AM-20mm$30.00

Magnetic Scale, White, 150mm

Magnetic Ruler, White, 5cm

Magnetic Ruler, Black, 5cm

Magnetic Ruler, Black, 15cm

Magnetic Ruler, White, 15cm

ItemLMGI CodeOrder No.Price
Magnetic Scale, White, 150mmR-0023$16.00
Magnetic Ruler, White, 5 cm (5/pack)H27005$30.00
Magnetic Ruler, Black, 5 cm (5/pack)H27006$30.00
Magnetic Ruler, White, 15cm (5/pack)H27015$40.00
Magnetic Ruler, Black, 15cm (5/pack)H27016$40.00

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