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Ultraviolet Lamp

Ultraviolet Lamp, Pocket Size, Battery

Inspection Mirror, Telescoping

Inspection Mirror, Telescoping

disposable scalpels

Disposable Scalpels

Heavy Duty 450mm lookunder - short

Look Under Inspection Mirrors
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ItemLMGI CodeOrder No.Price
UV Lamp, 4 Watt Replacement Tube9-0010$15.00
Ultraviolet Lamp, Pocket Size, Battery operated 4 x AA9-0005$23.00
Amber Wrap Around Goggles9-1030$29.00
Red Wrap Around Googles9-1031$29.00
Yellow Wrap Around Goggles9-1032$29.00
Disposable Scalpel (10 pack)SW0503$20.00
Forceps, Stainless Steel, 13cmB/J13$50.00
Inspection Mirror (32mm)555$31.00
Inspection Mirror, Telescoping (57mm)557$41.00
Look Under Heavy Duty Inspection Mirror 300mm Short handleHLM300SAsk
Look Under Heavy Duty Inspection Mirror 450mm Long handleHLM450LAsk
Inspection Mirror Base LightIMBLAsk
crime scene stair step plates

Crime Scene Step Plates

Crime scene stair step plates

Crime Scene Stair Step Plates

Dynamic Belt
Crime scene utility belt
(New from Crime Scene Solutions)
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Ohaus Ranger Count Scales

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CAS Weighing & Counting Scales

ItemLMGI CodeOrder NoPrice
Ohaus Scales (See details link for more information)Ask
CAS Smart Weighing & Counting ScalesCS-SW-IIAsk
Crime Scene Stepping Plates (10) in carry bagCSSP$1250.00
Crime Scene Stair Stepping Plates (200mm x 600mm)CSSTSP$1000.00
Rubber feet for Stepping PlatesCSSPF$140.00
Carry bag for Stepping PlatesCSSPB$90.80
Garrett Metal DetectorCSI ProAsk
Dynamic Belt (Disposable crime scene utility Belt)CSUB$19.00
Metal Spatula 200mm x 18mmAFS-M08$11.00
Wooden Spatula 113mm x 10mm (1000)AFS-M08$36.50


Template, Crime Scene


Template, Figure


Traffic Accident Investigation Template


Boat Templates
(Set of 3)

ItemLMGI CodeOrder No.Price
Template, Crime Scene4-0100$61.00
Template, Figure4-0101$45.70
Template BoatBT6179$70.30
Template, Traffic Accident InvestigationTISN1000M$90.15

Thief Detection Supplies

ItemLMGI CodeOrder No.Price
Dye Trap Powder, Gentian Violet (25g)1-2725$24.00
Dye Trap Powder, UV Fluorescent, Green (20g)D300Ask
Dye Trap Powder, UV Fluorescent, Yellow (20g)D310Ask
Dye Trap Powder, UV Fluorescent, Orange (20g)D330Ask
Dye Trap Powder, UV Fluorescent, Green (25g)D500Ask
Dye Trap Powder, UV Fluorescent, Yellow (25g)D510Ask
 Dye Trap Powder, UV Fluorescent, Orange (25g) D530Ask
Dye Trap Powder, Pyoktanin (20g)D710Ask
Dye Trap Powder, Rhodamin (25g)D720Ask
Dye Trap Powder, Uranin (20g)D730Ask
Dye Trap Powder, Fushin (20g)D740Ask
Dye Trap, Ultraviolet Latent Marking Spray (100ml)2100$165.00
Ultraviolet Crayon, Yellow (each)738UV$2.50
Ultraviolet Marker, 1.6mmDET1$13.00
Ultraviolet Pen, Felt TipDET2$6.00
Ultraviolet Marking Laquer, Blue (10ml)D660$16.00

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