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If the item you are looking for is not listed on these pages, please contact us to discuss possible supply.

Maglite accessories

ItemOrder No.Price
D Size Mounting Brackets (2/pk)
Traffic Wand, Red
 Aorangi still has some Spares and Accessories however they are only available while stock lasts.

Maglite spares

ItemOrder No.Price
MagCharger Halogen Lamp
3 C&D Cell Magnum Star Lamp
4 C&D Cell Magnum Star Lamp
5 C&D Cell Magnum Star Lamp
6 C&D Cell Magnum Star Lamp
4 C&D Cell White Star Lamp (2/pack)
5 C&D Cell White Star Lamp (2/pack)
6 C&D Cell White Star Lamp (2/pack)
 Aorangi still has some Spares and Accessories however they are only available while stock lasts

Olight torches & batteries

Olight X9R
25,000 Lumen

Seeker 3 Pro  4200 Lumen
>> see details

Olight S30R

Olight Perun 2
>> see details

ItemLMGI CodeOrder No.Price
Olight X9R Marauder (25000 Lumen)OLX9R$1000.00
NEW Olight Seeker 3 Pro (4200 Lumen max) (5000mAh 21700 Li Ion Battery) USB Rechargeable on Magnetic BaseOL-S3Pro$249.95
NEW Olight Perun 2 (2500 Lumen) USB Rechargeable on Magnetic BaseOLSPR2$169.95
NEW Olight Perun Mini (1000 Lumen) USB Rechargeable on Magnetic BaseOLSPRMini$119.95
Olight S2 Baton (950 Lumen) Powered by 1 x 18650 or 2 x CR123AOLS2$75.00
Olight S30R Baton II (1020 Lumen) USB Rechargeable on Magnetic BaseOLS30R$135.00

Olight S2A
>> see details

Olight SR52 kit

Olight SR 52 Kit
>>see details

Olight S2

Olight Pen Torch
180 Lm

ITP light A6 Polstar

ITP light A6 Polstar
>> see details

ItemLMGI CodeOrder No.Price
Olight S2A (550 Lumen) powered by 2 AA batteries
Replaces ST25
Olight SR52 Intimidator Kit (1200 Lumen)OLSR52K$250.00
Olight S2 Baton (950 Lumen)OLS2$75.00
Olight S10R Baton II (500 Lumen) USB rechargeable on Magnetic baseOLS10R$97.00
Olight Pen Torch (180 Lumen)OL-PEN$35.00
ITP Light A6 Polstar (700 Lumen) powered by 6 x AA BatteriesOLA6Pol$70.00

Olight accessories

Filters for M20

Filters for M20, red, green, blue White diffuser

M20 smooth reflector

M20 smooth reflector

18650 Lithium Ion rechargeable

18650 Lithium Ion rechargeable

CR123A 3V lithium battery

CR123A 3V Lithium battery

Omnidoc Universal Charger

Omnidoc Universal Charger

Olight AAA Lithium Battery

Olight AA Lithium Battery (4 Pk)

ItemLMGI CodeOrder No.Price
Filter for M20: Red, Green, Blue
M20 Smooth Reflector
Gun Mount M Series
CR123A Lithium Batteries, 1600mah protected. (with surge protection)
Rechargeable Lilon 18650 3.7V 3200mah w/PCB
Rechargeable Lilon 21700 3.6V 5000mah w/protection circuit. Compatible with Olight Seeker 3 Pro and Perun 2 Torches
OLight AAA Lithium BatteryOL-AAA$4.00
Olight AA Lithium BatteryOL-AA (4 Pk)$15.00
Olight 3.7V Li Ion Battery for S30ROL-S30RBAT$35.00
Omnidoc Unviversal Charger: Lithium Ion 18650/NiMH AA/AAA
Olight H1 Nova Head LampOL-H1$80.00

LED Lenser torches and accessories

LED Lenser P7.2 focusable

LED Lenser P7 Core
>> see details

LED Lenser Torch P7QC

LED Lenser P7QC
>> see details

LED Lenser i Square

LED Lenser i Square

LED Lenser P17.2

LED Lenser P17
>> see details

LED Lenser IF4R
Work Light
>> see details

LED Lenser IF8R
Work Light
>> see details

ItemOrder NoPrice
LED H7.2 Dimmable Head LampLED 7297$195.00
LED Lenser i Square   LED 5602$99.00
LED Lenser i 7   LED 5607$160.00
LED Lenser P7 CoreLED 502180$196.00
LED Lenser P7QC (Quattro colour, White Red Blue Green)LED 9407Q$239.00
LED Lenser P17 (3 x D Cells)LED 500903$270.00
LED Lenser IF4R Work LightLED 502001$350.00
LED Lenser IF8R Work LightLED 502002$450.00

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For all enquiries, please contact:

Warwick Bolton
Phone: 64 4 939 1527
Mobile: 021 713 152


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Aorangi Forensic Supplies Limited is a New Zealand manufacturer and distributor of forensic equipment and supplies. Aorangi Forensic Supplies strives to provide a high standard of service and product, and can offer technical advice relating to its products. Based in Wellington, we endeavour to also support other New Zealand manufacturers whenever possible.

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