Print collection consumables

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Non-slip Strip (for holding Inking Strips)


Inking Foils (Printake)


Perfect Ink Ceramic Print Pad PI 30 (67 x 100mm)


Perfect Ink Ceramic Print Pad PI 5 (37 x 40mm)


Tyre and Footprint Impression Ink


Reprint labels


Sirchie Inkless Shoeprint Kit (EZID400)

ItemLMGI Code
Order No.Price
Lightning Inking Foils (Printake) 125 x 75mm (100/pack) 2-4403/100$61.00
Lightning Inking Foils (Printake) 250 x 75mm (50/pack) 2-4405/50$61.00
Lightning Inking Foils (Printake) 250 x 75mm (100/pack)3012372-4405/100$122.00
Lightning Inking Foils (Printake) 250 x 75mm (400/pack) 2-4405/400$385.00
Reeprint® Fingerprint Labels (500/roll) LE42/500$50.00
Reeprint® Fingerprint Labels (50/pack) LE42/50$6.00
Perfect print Ceramic Print Pad (67 x 100mm) PI 30$110.00
Perfect Print Ceramic Print Pad (37 x 40mm)PI 5$25.00
Sirchie  Printmatic Ceramic Print Pad (64 x 98mm)EZID300$125.00
Easy Print Pad (52 x 127mm)301411 EP 35A$87.00
FBI Immigration Cards (100)PI 40$35.00
Tyre and Footprint Impression Ink (125ml)WSI125$15.50
Sirchie Inkless Shoeprint Kit (200 Papers)EZID400$290.00

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