Evidence collection and ID

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DNA sampling


DNA swabbing pack
>>see contents of pack


DNA swabbing kit
>>see contents of kit


DNA swab envelopes


DNA swab distilled water, 5ml


DNA swab


Alcohol wipes


Scene of Crime Swab MW1028

MW1028 Label

Item Order No.Price
DNA Swabbing Pack (10 each) DNA01/10$45.00
DNA Swabbing Pack (100 each) DNA01/100$382.00
DNA Swabbing Kit (each) DNA02$27.00
DNA Swabbing Kit (10 each) DNA02/10$240.00
DNA Swab Envelopes (50 each) DLE01/50$25.00
DNA Swab Envelopes (200 each) DLE01/200$77.00
DNA Swabs (100 each)  PL0400141CP155C/100$59.00
Cap-sure DNA Free Swabs (50) 3-3606$75.00
DNA Swabs (Scene of Crime 100Pk)MW1028$55.00
DNA Swab Distilled Water 5ml (50 each)PL040016314533$14.60
Alcohol Wipe (200 each) 1124$12.00

Tweezers Plastic Disposable


Combur 3 test E Blood Identification Sticks


Microfilter & Vacuum Cleaner head Complete




Microfilter & Single use Nozzle


GSR Kit 4 Stub


GSR Kit 2 Stub


Sexual Assault kit: Victim

4-1617 Sexual Assult kit Suspect

Sexual Assault Kit: Suspect

ItemOrder No.Price
Tweezers: Plastic Disposable (20/pack) 850121/20  $12.00
Combur3 Test E Blood Identification Sticks (50) 1896-857  $17.50
Microfilter and Vacuum Cleaner Head Complete C1000 $35.00
Microfilters (10/pack) C1010 $110.00
Microfilter & Single Use Nozzle C1012  $21.00
Combs (12/pack) Comb $5.50
Sexual Assault Evidence Kit (Victim)4-1615$45.00
Sexual Assault Evidence Kit (Suspect)4-1617$24.00
Gun Shot Residue Kit 2 Stub (GSR)GSR2SEM$25.00
Gun Shot Residue Kit 4 Stub(GSR) GSR4SEM  $40.60



Casting Material Mikrosil

Accutrans Kit

Accutrans Mixing Kit


BioFoam Impression Kit

Order No.
Casting Material, Mikrosil®, Brown (200g) (PL0400167)MIK001$41.00
Casting Material, Mikrosil®, Black (200g)MIK002$41.00
Casting Material, Mikrosil®, White (200g)MIK003$41.00
Casting Material, Mikrosil Grey (200g)MIK004$41.00
Mikrosil®, Hardener (50g)MIK001H$12.00
BVDA Silmark Brown (150g)C2400$40.00
BVDA Silmark Black (150g)C2100$40.00
BVDA, Silmark White (150g)C1400$40.00
Accutrans Kit Brown4-1041$600.00
Accutrans Kit White4-1042$600.00
Accutrans refill Grey  (70ml)4-1030$100.00
Accutrans refill Brown  (70ml)4-1031$100.00
Accutrans refill White (70ml)4-1032$100.00
Accutrans refill Clear (70ml)4-1033$100.00
Accutrans Mixing Tips (40 Pack)4-1036$115.00
Dental Stone (Available through LMGI only)PL00400165 
Casting Frame Footprint4-1105$59.00
Casting Frame Tyre Track SirchieFCF200$71.00
Biofoam Impression Kits4-1120$15.50

Drug testing kits (NIK)


NIK Tests


NIK Master Pack


ODV Test For bath Salts

 LMGI Code
Order No.
Test A Opiates, Amphetamines, Methamphetamines (10) PL9000960800-6071$40.00
Test B Confirmation of Screening Test A (10) PL9000961800-6072$52.00
Test C Barbituates (10) 800-6073$52.50
Test D LSD (10) PL9000962800-6074$52.00
Test E Cannabis Products (10) PL9000963800-6075$52.00
Test F Acid Neutraliser (10) PL9000964800-6076$40.00
Test G Cocaine, Crack or Freebase (10) PL9000965800-6077$55.00
Test H Methadone (10) PL9000969800-6078$55.00
Test J PCP (10) 800-6079$57.00
Test K Opiates, Heroin, Morphine, Codeine (10) PL9000974800-6080$55.00
Test L Heroin (10) PL9000966800-6081$55.00
Test M Methaqualone (10) 800-6082$55.00
Test N Pentazocine (10) 800-6083$55.00
Test P Propoxyphene (10) 800-6084$55.00
Test Q Ephedrine (10) PL9000967800-6085$55.00
Test R Valium (Diazepam), Methcathquinone (10) PL9000975800-6086$55.00
Test U Methamphetamine (10) PL9000968800-6087 $55.00
Test W Amphetamine, methadone, Club Drugs (10) PL9000984800-6088$57.00
Test I Screening Test for PMA, Katamine, Barbituates, Methadone (club drugs) (10) PL9000980800-6089$57.00
Test O GHB (10) PL9000982800-6090$56.00
Test T Ketamine (10) 800-6091$45.00
Bath Salts (ODV) 7619$14.00
Cocaine ID Swabs (50) 6501$62.00
NIK Master Pack 130 Tests (case) 6000$700.00

Identidrug Desk Chart
Measures 21.6cm W x 17.8cm H, Instructions on the reverse

Identidrug Wall Chart
Measures 94cm W x 61cm H

Drug ID Bible

Item Order No.Price
Identidrug Desk Chart (double--sided 21.6cm x 17.8cm) 190-601$5.50
Identidrug Wall Charts (replaces instruction manual) 190-602$11.50
NIK Report Pads 190-604$5.50
Drug Identification Bible 190-608POA



Arson evidence bags
(Small, 12″ x 18″)


Arson evidence bags
(Large, 20″ x 30″)


Arson tins
(4, 2 and 1L)

Containers Labeled

Evidence containers, jars

Glass Vials

Glass Vials 50ml & 20ml

Order No.
Arson Evidence Bags, Small, 12" x 18" (10/pack)AEB1218$47.50
Arson  Evidence Bags, Large, 20" x 30" (10/pack)AEB2030$81.00
Arson Tin (500ml)AET500ml$3.66
Arson Tin (1 litre)AT1L$3.75
Arson Tin (2 litre)AT2L$6.60
Arson Tin (4 litre)AT4L$7.60
Evidence Container 70ml (per 10)FNG-175$4.80
Evidence Container 70ml (per 50)FNG-175$22.50
Evidence Containers 70ml Labelled (per 10)FNG-175L$4.75
Evidence Containers, Jars, 120ml (per 10)DP414/10$8.50
Evidence Containers, Jars, 120ml (per 100)DP414/100$75.00
Evidence Containers Jars Sterile 120ml (10)DP414S/10$14.50
Evidence Containers, Jars, 250ml (per 10)DP523/10$23.00
Evidence Containers, Jars, 250ml (per 50)DP523/50$107.00
Evidence Containers, Jars, 500ml 64 x 145mm (per 10)DP819/10$47.50
Evidence Container Jars 500ml 80 x 95mm (per 10)LBS550$25.00
Glass Vial 20ml21VCLC$1.25
Glass Vial 50ml with tamper evident cap50SCWC$1.40

ET80350, ET65200, ET42200, ET37120


Transfer Pipette 3ml L200C


Bellows Transfer Pipette 5ml 1805

ItemOrder No.
Evidence Tubes, 37 x 120mm-200mm, clear PVC (each)ET37120$4.90
Evidence Tubes, 37 x 120mm-200, clear PVC (10)ET37120 $45.00
Evidence Tubes, 45 x 200-350mm, clear PVC (each)ET42200$6.50
Evidence Tubes, 45 x 200-350mm, clear PVC (10)ET42200/10$58.00
Evidence Tubes, 65 x 200-350mm, clear PVC (each)ET65200$14.00
Evidence Tubes, 65 x 200-350mm, clear PVC (per 10)ET65200$126.00
Evidence Tubes, 85 x 350-650mm, clear PVC (each)ET80350$30.00
Evidence Tubes, 85 x 350-650mm, clear PVC (per 5)ET80350/5$145.00
Plastic Transfer Pipette 3ml (per 20)L200C$3.00
Bellows Transfer Pipette 5ml (per 20)1805$18.00
Petri Dishes 94 x 14mm with lid (per 20)82-401$7.00
Petri Dishes, 94 x 14mm with lid (per 100)82-401$33.00
CEPB sml

Clear Evidence/Property bags


Evidence Security bags

Alert Security Bag

Alert Security Bag

paper evidence bags sml

Plain Paper Evidence bags

PEBMW Cleansacks

Plain paper Multi wall Evidence Bags

Clear Evidence/Property Security bag 235 x 320mm (50 pack)CEPB-320$21.00
Clear Evidence/Property Security bag 400 x 500mm (20 pack)CEPB-500$17.00
Clear Evidence/Property Security bag 450 x 650mm (20 pack)CEPB-650$27.50
Clear Evidence/Property Security bag 600 x 900mm (20 pack)CEPB-900$46.00
Evidence Security Bags, extra large, 750 x 900mm (20)ECEB$50.00
Evidence Security Bags, 5" x 8" (per 100)3-2050$78.00
Evidence Security Bags, 9" x 12" (per 100)3-2051$109.00
Evidence Security Bags, 12" x 16" (per 100)3-2052 $150.00
Alert Security Bags 15" x 20" (per 10)1520AGV$15.00
Plain Paper Evidence bag No1 125 x 70 x 270mm (100)PEB1$17.00
Plain Paper Evidence bag No3 185 x 100 x 390mm (100)PEB3$32.10
Plain Paper Evidence bag 255 x 140 x 465mm (Small) (20)PEBS$10.00
Plain Paper Evidence bags 255 x 140 585mm Med (20)PEBM$12.50
Plain Paper Multi wall Evidence bags 255 x 100 x 700mm Small (10) PEBMWS$18.50
Plain Paper Multi wall Evidence bags 400 x120 x 900mm Lg (10)PEBMWL $20.00
Window Paper Evidence Bag 625 x 320mm (10)PL0000106$11.75
Window Paper Evidence Bag 725 x 370mm (10)PL0000108$14.50
Window bag label

Window evidence bag label

Window Bag

Window evidence bag


Hand Gun Box


Knife Box


Rifle Box


Bottle box with Inserts

biohaz bag1

Bio Hazard Bags

ItemOrder No.Price
Bio Hazard bags 36 x 71cm (20 pack)BioBag 3671$10.00
Bio Hazard bags 53 x 99cm (20 pack)BioBag 5399$16.50
Bio Hazard bags 73 x 130cm (20 pack)BioBag 73130$36.00
Cheque Sleeves, A4 (10/pack)FNG-252/10$17.50
Handgun Storage Box, 33 x 20 x 5cm (each)WB-GN$3.50
Handgun Storage Box, , 33 x 20 x 5cm (25 pack)WB-GN$71.00
Large Rifle Storage Box, 127 x 23 x 7.5cm (each)WB-LG-RF$8.50
Large Rifle Storage Box, 127 x 23 x 7.5cm (25 pack)WB-LG-RF$185.00
Small Rifle Box 123.2 x 16.5 x 5cm (Each)WB-RF$5.75
Small Rifle Box 123.2 x 16.5 x 5cm (25 pack)WB-RF$115.00
Knife Box 31.8 x 9 x 5cm (Each)WB-KN3.00
Knife Box 31.8 x 9 x 5cm (25 pack)WB-KN$60.00
Bottle Box with Inserts (10/pack)BOT-BX$35.00
Inserts for Bottle Box (10/pack)BOT-BX1$17.00

Evidence labels


“Complainant” labels 


“Evidence-exhibit” labels


“Not yet dealt with for fingerprints” labels


Court exhibit labels
(100 per roll)


Chemically processed labels


Clan lab labels


Biohazard labels


Lge Biohazard Labels BSD


Shipping labels (Buff Coloured)

ItemOrder No.Price
"Complainant" Labels (250/roll)FNG-180$8.50
"Complainant" Labels (250/roll) (10 rolls)FNG-180$70.00
"Evidence-Exhibit" Labels (100/roll)FNG-181$8.90
"Evidence-Exhibit" Labels (10 rolls)FNG-181$77.00
"Not Yet Dealt with for Fingerprints" Labels (100/roll)FNG-182$21.00
"Court Exhibit" Labels (100/roll)FNG-183$15.50
"Chemically Processed" Labels (100/roll)FNG-184$19.00
"Clan Lab" Labels (100/roll)FNG-187$18.00
"Biohazard" Labels (100/roll)FNG-188$18.50
Large Orange Biohazard Labels 100 x 125mm (100 pack)BSD$46.50
Shipping labels 120 x 60mm Buff colored (100) BSL-1$9.00

Evidence tapes/seals


Sawtooth® Tamper-proof Evidence Sealing Tape (108’/roll)


Lynn Peavey  ZIPR-WELD Tamper proof Evidence Tape. (108’/roll)


Crime Scene Barrier Tape


Security Seal
Laser Engraved unique Number


Security Label Numbered PSL-N
Made from the same maetrial as breakaway evidence tape


Securty Label Blank PSL-B
Made from the same material as breakaway evidence tape

Item Order No.Price
Sawtooth® Tamper-proof Evidence Sealing Tape (108'/roll) 3-4005$35.00
Sawtooth® Tamper-proof Security Sealing Tape (108'/roll) 3-4006$38.00
Lynn Peavey ZIPR-WELD Tamper proof Evidence Tape (108'/roll)75006$35.00
Yellow "Evidence" Sealing Tape (2" x 165') AFS3-4301$25.00
Yellow "Evidence" Sealing Tape (2" x 165') per 10 rolls AFS3-4301$23.00
Crime Scene Barrier Tape (300m/roll)PL0400181CSBT01$51.00
Security Seals Numbered 6mm x 200mm Tail (10)SPCBS$4.00
Security Seals Numbered 6mm x 200mm Tail (100) SCPBS$36.00
Dragon Seal Numbered 8mm wide 380mm Tail (10)
High Strength
Dragon Seal Numbered 8mm wide 380mm Tail (100)
High Strength
Prison Security Labels, Numbered (250/roll) PSL-N$80.00
Prison Security Labels, Blank (500/roll) PSL-B $58.00

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