Fingerprint consumables

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Fingerprint/footprint gel lifters

Fingerprint Lifter Transparent
FNG-185  10 x 12.5cm (10 pack)


Fingerprint Lifter Black
B 11000  13 x 18cm (10 pack)


Footprint lifter Transparent
B180 13 x 36cm (2 pack)


Footprint lifter Transparent
B182 18 x 36cm (2 pack)


Footprint lifter White
B155 18 x 36cm (2 pack)


Footprint lifter Black
B125  18 x 36cm (2 pack)


Footprint  Lifter Black
B129 36 x 45cm (4 pack)

Order No.
Fingerprint Lifters, Transparent, 100 x 125 (10/pack) 300066FNG-185$25.00
Fingerprint Lifters, Transparent, 100 x 125 (5 packs) FNG-185/5$121.00
Fingerprint Lifters, Transparent, 100 x 125 (25 packs) FNG-185/25$535.00
Fingerprint Lifters, Transparent, 100 x 125 (50 packs) FNG-185/50$995.00
Fingerprint Lifters, Transparent, 100 x 125 (100 packs) FNG-185/100$1750.00
 Fingerprint/Handprint Lifter Black 130 x 180 (10/pack) B11000$35.00
Shoe/Footprint Lifters, Black, 180 x 360 (2/pack) B 125$30.00
FootPrint Lifter Black 360 x 450 (4 Pack)B 129$160.00
Shoe/Footprint Lifters, White, 180 x 360 (2/pack) B 155$24.00
Footprint Lifters, Transparent, 130 x 360 (2/pack) B 180$16.00
Bigfoot™ Lifters, Transparent, 180 x 360 (2/pack) 300033B 182$25.00

Fingerprint instant lifters


BVDA Instant Lifters

Sirchie Hinge Lifter

Item: Instant LiftersLMGI Code
Order No.Price
Black 5 x 5cm (20/pack)B23000$19.00
Black 5 x 10cm (20/pack)B23100$25.00
Black 10 x 10cm (20/pack)B23200$33.00
White 5 x5cm 5 x 5 (20/pack)B23500$19.00
White 5 x 10cm (20/pack)B23600$25.00
White 10 x 10cm (20/pack)B23700$33.00
Transparent 5 x 5cm (20/pack)B24000$19.00
Transparent 5 x 10cm (20/pack)B24100$25.00
Transparent 10 x 10cm (20/pack)B24200$33.00
Sirchie Hinge Black 5 x 10 cm (12/pack)131LB$20.00
Sirchie Hinge White 5 x 10 cm (12/pack)131LW$20.00
Sirchie Hinge Transparent 5 x 10 cm (12/pack)131LT$20.00

Fingerprint and fibre lifting tapes


Lifting tapes


Warrender 804 Lifting tape


Seralux Fibre lifters

ItemLMGI Code
Order No.
BVDA Electrostatic Dustprint Lifting Film (30m)E701500$130.00
Lifting Tape, 2.0 inches wide, Clear with Container (30' roll)1-1406$18.00
Lifting Tape, 1.5 inches wide, Frosted, with Container (30' roll)1-1401$5.00
Lifting Tape, 4 inches wide, Clear (30' roll)1-1407$30.00
Lifting Tape, 4 inches wide, Frosted (30' roll)1-1403$5.00
Lifting Tape, 3M Polytape (125" roll)1-1410$12.60
Warrender 804 Fingerprint Tape (100m Roll)W804$135.00
Sirchie Transparent Lifting tape 1 inch (360 inch Roll)144.5L$13.10
Sirchie  Transparent Lifting tape 2 inch (360 inch Roll)144L2$21.00
Sirchie DNA Free Lifting tape 2 inchDNA144L2$25.00
Serilux Fibre Lifters (175 x 50mm) (200)SERL$48.00

Fingerprint Backing

Fingerprint Backer Transparent
The Transparent Backer has a plastic protective layer to be removed before use which may be blue as shown, green or clear.

Fingerprint Backer White

Item: Fingerprint Backing Materials 150 x 100mm
Order No.Price
Transparent Backing Sheets (20 Pack)FNG-100/20$10.00
Transparent Backing Sheets (100/pack) FNG-100/100$37.50
Transparent Backing Sheets (500/pack)301742FNG-100/500$171.00
White Backing Sheets (100/pack) FNG-100W/100$28.50
White Backing Sheets (500/pack)301800FNG-100W/500$135.00

Hard evidence

LL-0004 LL-0005_EZ_Bond Med

Cyanoacrylate Fuming Liquid  16oz & 1oz E-Z Bond Medium Viscosity


Foil Dishes 50mm and 80mm

ItemLMGI Code
Order No.
 Cyanoacrylate Fuming Liquid (Med Visc 1oz)300813  LL-0004
 Cyanoacrylate Fuming Liquid (Med Visc 16oz)  LL-0005$127.00
 Foil Fuming Trays 50mm 100 pack  1-4505
 Foil Fuming Trays 80mm 50 pack  1-4508$8.00

Enhancement chemicals


Fingerprint Chemicals


Master Number Restoration Kit
See Details/MSDS

ItemLMGI Code
Order No.
RTX (Ruthenium Tetroxide Liquid) (50ml) RTX/50$117.00
Amido Black Reagent (25g)3017441-0046$36.00
Enhancement Chemical, Ardrox (25ml) 1-0048$5.00
Enhancement Chemical, Basic Red 28 (10g) 1-0075$31.00
Enhancement Chemical, Basic Yellow 40, Powder (25g) 1-0044)            
 BVDA B85250)$37.00
 Sirchie LV507)  
Acid Yellow 7 (25g) B89825$65.00
Acid Violet 17 (25g) B88195$40.00
Enhancement Chemical, "Hungarian Red" (100ml) B88001$18.00
Ninhydrin Crystals (25g)  3007251-2715$105.00
NIN-PRINT® Ninhydrin Aerosol Spray (170g) B785$46.00
Crystal Violet (25g) 1-2725$24.00
Thermanin (4g) B79840$78.00
1,2-Indanedione (1g) B781$70.00
5 MTN (1g) B782$83.00
Superonic N (60ml) 1-2726$25.00
Kodak Photo Flo (16oz) 1-2727$30.00
Absolute Ethanol301394LMGI Only  
3M Novec Engineered Fluid300369HFE7100$850.00
DFO [1,8-Diasafluoren-9-One] (1g) 1-0039Ask
DFO [1,8-Diasafluoren-9-One] (5g)1-2793Ask
Master Number Restoration KitMNR100$1200.00

SPR100 Black


SPR200 White




Wetwop Black & White

ItemLMGI Code
Order No.Price
Small Particle Reagent Powder, Black (30g) 1-2756$32.00
Small Particle Reagent Powder, White (20g) WSPR/20$15.50
Sticky-Side® Powder (50g) 1-2722$54.00
Sirchie  SPR Liquid Black (500ml pump spray)SPR100$30.00
Sirchie  SPR Liquid White (500ml pump Spray)SPR200$30.00
Sirchie   SPR Liquid Fluorescent (500ml pump Spray)SPR400UV$44.00
Wet WOP Black (100ml)1-0271$72.00
Wet WOP White (100ml)1-0272$72.00
Carrlson Innovation Wet Powder Black 250ml MIKWPB$42.00
Carrlson Innovation Wet Powder White 250mlMIKWPW$42.00
Sudan Black Powder1-0033$33.00

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